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Do I need to read the instructions before use?

How does the Therabubble™ work?

The Therabubble™ is a form of oscillatory Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) therapy.  The PEP helps to splint open airways and helps to reverse or prevent atelectasis.  The Therabubble™ may subsequently help to speed up your patient’s recovery after surgery.  The oscillations help to dislodge thick and sticky secretions in the airways.  Therefore, the PEP and oscillations help to improve respiratory function, by assisting with secretion removal and improving ventilation of the lungs.

What are the features of the Therabubble™?

The features of the Therabubble™ are:

  • Reproducible pressure with fixed tubing and water level markings
  • One-way valve
  • Higher pressures able to be achieved without water spillage
  • Outlet valve able to be closed to reduce environmental spillage
  • Handle for ease of use
  • Medical grade plastics are used
    • Microbial resistant
    • Heat resistant
    • Impact resistant
    • Chemical resistant
  • Easily taken apart for cleaning
  • Dishwasher proof
  • All recyclable
  • Australian made and owned

What are the benefits of the Therabubble™?

Therabubble™ is the first to receive patent for a modern bubble PEP device therefore increasing product security.  Therabubble™ is used to help remove secretions and improve ventilation of the lungs. Please see the features that set Therabubble™ apart from other PEP devices.

What makes the Therabubble™ the modern bubble PEP device?

Physiotherapy Innovations was the first to receive a patent for such a medical device.  The main features, that set it apart from a do-it-yourself model, are that the tubing level is set to create a reproducible pressure and there is a one-way valve to increase safety.  The Therapeutic Goods Administration has strict regulations for supplying medical devices in Australia.  Make-shift or do-it-yourself devices do not meet these regulations.  Therefore, the Therabubble™ fills this void and can be considered the modern bubble PEP available for treatment.

Does the one-way valve affect the pressure?

Yes, there is an increase in pressure with the valve. However, the one-way valve is an important feature, which increases safety when using the device.  You will find the instructions leaflet indicates the level of pressure achieved at each water level. Ultimately, the pressures achieved will be at the minimum level required to achieve airway splinting. From there you want to ensure the patient is comfortable when using the device when expiring over 5-6 seconds.  You can adjust the water level to ensure comfort is achieved during and after expiration.

What are the pressures created by the Therabubble™?

Please refer to the instructions leaflet.  A range of pressures achieved at each main water level is listed in the instructions leaflet.

What if I push the inner tube past the red line?

The valve can be distorted, which means that you will be able to draw water back through the device. Therefore, it is important to wait until the plastic in the valve settles before continuing use.  You should also not strain to place the outer flexible tube into the valve as this can also distort the valve.

What are the precautions for use of the Therabubble™?

Please refer to the instructions booklet.  There are no absolute contraindications to PEP therapy but precautions should be taken in the following situations:

  • Acute Asthma/severe bronchospasm
  • Large emphysematous bullae
  • Lung abscess
  • Severe fibrotic changes
  • Dialysis
  • Already increased work of breathing (e.g. acute asthma or COPD)
  • Intracranial pressure >20mmHg
  • Haemodynamic instability
  • Recent facial, oral or skull surgery or trauma
  • Acute sinusitis
  • Epistaxis
  • Oesophageal surgery
  • Active haemoptysis
  • Nausea
  • Known or suspected tympanic membrane rupture or middle ear pathology
  • Untreated pneumothorax
  • Recent lung or gastric surgery
  • Patients with limited upper limb function
  • Cognitive impairment affecting ability to follow instructions (e.g. risk of inhaling water)
  • Inability to maintain adequate lip seal

Is the Therabubble™ Australian Made?

Yes, the Therabubble™ is a proudly Australian made and owned medical device.  Our company, Physiotherapy Innovations, has been licensed by the Australian Made Campaign Limited to use the Australian Made logo on its product the Therabubble™.  Our Licensee ID number is 5976.

Where can my patient buy the Therabubble™?

Your patient can purchase the Therabubble™ via our website  We accept payment via electronic banking transfer or credit card.  Please note, the credit card payment option does accrue a surcharge for processing.


If your patient is unable to make payment via these methods or has any concerns with internet use, please don’t hesitate to direct them to contact us directly on m) 0423 046 292.  We are happy to arrange the order over the phone.  We are also very happy to receive Australian Post money orders or personal cheques if this is the preferred method of payment.   Once payment has cleared into our account, the Therabubble™ will be sent to your patient.

What does it cost?

We aim to keep the Therabubble™ price very competitive to provide your patients with an affordable option for your respiratory therapy.  Please visit the website to see the current retail price.  Alternatively, please contact us for a wholesale quote.

Do the different colours mean anything?

The Therabubble™ units are all made the same.  The colours do not represent different functions of the Therabubble™ units.  We use multiple colours to provide a pleasing variety to our patients.  We like to involve Australian children in naming the colours as we change them seasonally.  We hope that this will help the younger Therabubble™ users to be engaged with their therapy.  If you know a young person who may be interested in naming a new colour, please follow us on Facebook and keep an eye out for updates or leave us a message.

Is the Therabubble™ a single patient use item?

Yes, the Therabubble™ is a single patient use device.  This means that the same patient can use the Therabubble™ as many times as they need, however they cannot share their Therabubble™ with another person.  The Therabubble™ cannot be sterilised and given to another person.

Why isn’t the Therabubble™ designed to be able to be sterilised and used between patients?

One of the aims of the Therabubble is to provide an affordable option for PEP therapy.  When considering all the resources required, the cost of sterilising a PEP unit is more expensive than simply taking an off the shelf Therabubble unit for your next patient.

Do I need to read the instructions before use?

Yes, it is very important to read the instructions before use.  This will increase the safety when using the Therabubble™ for yourself, your patients and others.  There is a section in the instructions leaflet that allows you to write down the prescribed treatment program for your patient.   The instructions leaflet should always be kept with the Therabubble™ for easy reference to increase the safety of use for your patients.

How often should the water be changed in the Therabubble™?

Please refer to the instructions manual.  It is recommended that the water is changed after each use to keep the patient’s reusable Therabubble™ clean.

How often should the Therabubble™ be cleaned?

Please refer to the instructions manual.  The Therabubble™ should be cleaned after each use and left to dry thoroughly before the next use.

How should the Therabubble™ be cleaned?

Please refer to the instructions manual.  You can clean the Therabubble™ by taking all the components apart, rinsing them with warm soapy water and allowing them to dry thoroughly between use.    Alternatively, you can advise your patients to take apart their Therabubble™ and place them all into the dishwasher. **

** After cleaning in the dishwasher, your patient should inspect the valve to ensure no food products have become lodged in the valve or other parts in the dishwashing process.

Can the Therabubble™ be cleaned in the dishwasher?

Please refer to the instructions manual.  Yes, the Therabubble™ can be cleaned in the dishwasher by taking all the pieces apart and placing them in the dishwasher**.  Alternatively, all the components can be taken apart, rinsed with warm soapy water and left to dry thoroughly before the next use. **After cleaning in the dishwasher, inspect the valve to ensure no food products have become lodged in the valve or other parts in the dishwashing process.

How often should the Therabubble™ be replaced?

Please refer to the instructions manual.  It is recommended that the Therabubble™ is replaced annually.  However, depending on the frequency of use or misuse, your patients may need to replace their Therabubble™ earlier than recommended.  You should direct your patients to replace their Therabubble™ if:

  • The water level markings are no longer clear
  • It is visibly soiled
  • There are significant scratches, cracks or breaks on the device
  • The valve has been distorted or no longer works (e.g. by incorrect placement of the tubes)
  • It is no longer able to maintain the correct positive expiratory pressure.

Can my patients purchase a replacement Therabubble™?

In some instances, you may have provided your patient with a Therabubble™ when they were in hospital.  If your patient needs a replacement, please direct them to our website where they are able to purchase one on line,  Otherwise, please don’t hesitate to direct your patient to contact us on m) 0423 046 292 or email

What is the Therabubble™ made out of?

The Therabubble™ is made out of medical grade plastics.  Although some of the parts look like rubber, these are all soft plastics.  The medical grade plastics means that the parts are microbial resistant, impact resistant, heat resistant and chemical resistant.

Why is the container not clear?

This container plastic is the most suitable for the function of the medical device and is only available in the opaque texture.

Why are there different parts?

By having different parts, it is easier to disassemble the Therabubble™ for more thorough cleaning.  It also allows your patients to use spare parts for their next use whilst some of the parts are drying thoroughly.

Can my patients buy replacement parts whilst the others are drying or if they have lost a part?

Yes, in fact we recommend this if your patient uses their Therabubble™ frequently.  Between use, all parts should be dried thoroughly before their next use.  The valve and tubes take the longest to dry and are not able to be pat dried on the inside like the container and lid.  Therefore, particularly by having spare valves and tubes on hand, your patients are able to readily use their Therabubble™ for treatment when needed.


If your patient loses a part, they are able to purchase replacement parts from us.  To purchase any spare parts or replacement parts please visit the website , email us at or phone us on m) 0423 046 292

Can I change the length of the tubing for my patients?

The length of the outer flexible tubing should not affect the results.  However, you are able to cut the tubing to be shorter if this is more comfortable for your patients.  It is recommended that you check the comfort of your patient using the modified tubing to ensure that nothing about the therapy prescription requires changing.

Is there somewhere that I can write down the patient’s treatment program for them?

Yes, in the instructions leaflet there is a section where you can record the patients prescribed treatment program. The instructions leaflet should always be kept with the Therabubble™ for easy reference to increase the safety of use for your patients.

What water level should I choose for my patients?

The water level chosen should always be comfortable for your patient.  It should not cause any adverse effects like dizziness or shortness of breath.  The patient’s expiration should be with slightly more effort than normal and last about 5-6 seconds.  If they finish the repetition before emptying their lungs completely this will help to avoid shortness of breath.  During respiratory exacerbations your patient may need to modify the level of water used.  If you increase the water level, this is harder for the patient to expire against.  If you reduce the water level, this will make it easier for the patient to expire against.



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Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your Doctor or Healthcare Professional. Your Physiotherapist will advise you whether Therabubble™ is suitable for you.

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