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The Therabubble™ is a revolutionary device used to help facilitate oscillatory Positive Expiratory Pressure therapy, more commonly known as Bubble PEP therapy. Oscillating PEP therapy can assist with removal of secretions and improving ventilation of the lungs.

PEP Therapy is a treatment technique that helps to splint open your patient’s airways and helps to reverse or prevent small airway collapses, known as atelectasis. The oscillations, or vibrations, created by blowing bubbles into the Therabubble™ also help to dislodge sticky secretions in the lungs. Therefore, the Therabubble™, using both PEP and vibrations for therapy can help to clear secretions and improve ventilation of the lungs leading to clearer and easier breathing.

Historically, Bubble PEP treatments were carried out by using disposable materials, such as old milk cartons and straws to replicate this effect, a practice that is outside of Australian regulations for lawful supply of medical devices as set by Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Thanks to the Therabubble™, your patients can now benefit from Bubble PEP therapy conveniently and easily. It  is a combination of the unique features and meeting the regulations to lawfully supply the Therabubble as a medical device within Australia and that defines the Therabubble as the Modern Bubble PEP device.

Why Use Therabubble?

The Therabubble™ was designed by physiotherapists with years of experience treating respiratory patients.  The goal of Therabubble™ is to provide a respectable, cost effective, easily accessible, easily used medical device to individuals who have sought help to achieve better breathing through respiratory therapy.

Patients who may benefit from using the Therabubble™ are those who experience the following symptoms


Impaired ventilation

Excessive coughing

Thick and sticky secretions

Chronic respiratory symptoms

Please remember that Therabubble™ should only be used under the direction of a qualified health professional. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, please speak to your qualified health professional. Your Physiotherapist will advise you whether Therabubble™ is suitable for you. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your Doctor or Healthcare Professional.

Apart from helping your patients to enjoy better breathing, Therabubble™ offers the following benefits to its users.

It's cost effective

Therabubble™ is currently the most cost-effective, single patient, reusable bubble PEP device on the market.  It is suitable for long-term use and can be used in the hospital and the home, meaning that your patient’s respiratory therapy and better breathing can be more affordable. Using an off the shelf Therabubble™ can be a more efficient and cost effective way of providing PEP therapy to your patients in the hospital setting when compared to sterilising more expensive devices for re-use with multiple patients.

It's reusable

Therabubble™ is not only able to be taken apart for more effective cleaning, but it is dishwasher-safe. It is also heat and impact resistant. What's more, the Therabubble™ is a made from recyclable materials.

It’s ARTG Registered

Therabubble™ is a single-patient use device that is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG # 214611). This means you can be assured that your patient’s Therabubble™ device meets the stringent regulations for lawful supply of medical devices in Australia as set by the TGA.

It's Australian owned & made

Supporting local businesses is important which is why the Therabubble™ is 100% Australian Made and Owned (Licence Number 5976).

Therabubble Features

So what makes Therabubble™ the modern bubble PEP device?


The container is made of medical grade plastic that is impact resistant, microbial resistant, chemical resistant and heat resistant.

It’s easy to clean and dry after each use.

Please see our Indigenous themed range for the unique artwork printed on the container, to support Indigenous healthcare.

Flexible Tube

The flexible tube is made of medical grade plastic which reduces the risk of infection. The tube is also a convenient length to use in the home or whilst in the hospital.

Inner-Rigid Tube

The Inner-Rigid tube is made of medical grade plastic.  Its design is to maintain the placement of the tube within water during therapy and therefore maintaining the desired pressure level throughout use. The red marking indicates the distance that the tube should be inserted into the valve. This allows for repeatable placement to achieve the desired pressure level and assists in avoiding disruption to the valve.

One-Way Valve

The One-Way Valve significantly reduces the risk of inhaling or aspirating the water when using your Therabubble™. It also helps in reducing the chance of water spillage.

The One-Way Valve creates a non-threshold PEP.  However, there is an assembly option available if you wish to use threshold PEP.  Please see instruction manual regarding assembly options.

Outlet Valve

The outlet valve is designed to prevent spills with the special ring cover. When in use simply expose the valve by turning the ring. After use, turn the ring again to cover the outlet valve to reduce the risk of water spillage while waiting for your Therabubble™ to be emptied and cleaned.

Ring and Lid

The ring is made of medical grade plastic. It is designed as an easy-to-turn cover for the outlet valve when not in use.

The lid is made of medical grade plastic and screws easily onto your Therabubble device and remains secure throughout use which helps prevent spills.

The ring and lid come in multiple colours for your enjoyment.

Water Level Markings

The Therabubble™ has both printed and tactile water level markings on the container making prescription easier and easier for patients to use independently.

The wide variety of water levels as either a threshold and non-threshold PEP provides a greater range of prescription options for therapy.

The threshold PEP allows larger pressure values without water overflow onto your patient’s lap.

Logo with Warning

Based on consumer feedback we placed the medical device warning with our logo to ensure the Therabubble™ was used appropriately within the hospital and at home. This reduces the risk of your Therabubble™ being mistaken for a non-medical device.

Easy Grip Handle

The Therabubble™ features an easy-grip handle to help patients hold their units comfortably. This is perfect for little hands or less able patients. The handle also conveniently fits onto the railing of standard hospital beds for ease of access.

Clip for Tube

Store your flexible tube on the side of your Therabubble™ after each use to help with drying after cleaning and to make your Therabubble™ more compact for easy storage.

Dishwasher Safe

For ease of cleaning, the Therabubble™ and all of its parts are easily disassembled and are dishwasher safe.

Single Patient Use

The Therabubble™ is for single patient use ONLY which reduces the risk of infections. It also means that Physiotherapists can prescribe treatments to their patients knowing that they will be able to take their device home for ongoing therapy.

For Health Professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is behind Therabubble?

Rebecca Houweling

B. Physiotherapy

Rebecca has over ten years of experience in Physiotherapy, with a history in public health services.


Rebecca was inspired to co-create Therabubble™ after years of working with patients of all ages and walks of life, who had to endure breathing difficulties on a daily basis.

Kathryn Potter

B. Physiotherapy (HONOURS) Class 1

Kathryn has over ten years of experience as a Physiotherapist working in both public and private health settings.


Her experience and respect for her respiratory patients led her to co-design the Therabubble™. Her goal: to provide patients and their treating health professionals with an easy to use, affordable, respectable and reputable Bubble PEP product to allow ongoing efficient respiratory intervention both in the hospital and the home.



Contact Details



+61 423 046 292

PO Box 3469

Loganholme Post Shop

Loganholme, QLD,

Australia, 4128

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your Doctor or Healthcare Professional. Your Physiotherapist will advise you whether Therabubble™ is suitable for you.

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